Freeze Dried Goodies

Candy, Fruits and Veggies, Coffee

Since 2023

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     Ever wanted to put all the things you care about in one place? Same here. So, that is what we set out to do. After much debate and many prayers, we narrowed it down to this: family and friends, our hometown, and great food.

     Next, we decided to put these things together into a business to teach our teens some life lessons. Here we are! We are the GOODY GANG. We want to make great food for our family and share it with yours, because that is what neighbors do. Hopefully, along the way, our teens will learn the ins and outs of owning a small business.

     We plan to make affordable freeze dried products that we grow or buy locally. This means that what we have to sell is what is available. We have some ideas, but we'd love to hear your ideas. Send us a request at To all our neighbors- come on over and sample some of goodies and let us know what you think. We will save you a chair in the back yard.

See you soon,
Goody Gang
Gigi, Dee, and Yogi
  • Russellville, Arkansas, United States